Sunday, October 9, 2011

Episode Three: Have A Potluck Day!

“Hello Azam, tolong akak angkat nasi lemak. Akak kat kereta akak ni, thanks tau”. A call from Kak Emy broke the silent of my cellphone. She requested my help to carry nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak? 

So, I went to her at the car park. I saw her carrying several large food containers. 

“Ni nak buat apa makanan banyak-banyak ni kak?” 

“Laa, kan kita ada potluck hari ni, azam tak tau ke?”

Immediately, my eyes widely opened. I couldn’t believe my ears, but my heart thumped with ecstacy, saying “today is my lucky day”. My stomach joined the club by rumbling rhythmically.

So I helped Kak Emy carry the foods to our office. Several minutes later, other female master and PhD students arrived and they brought along their cooking too. There were about 10 dishes prepared.  Nasi Lemak, rendang ayam, spaghetti, chocolate cake, meat pie, and more.

  By 9.00 am, the ladies have started to serve the foods, and by 10.30am, guests have started to come. We invited several lecturers, and staffs to join the potluck. 

Well, the foods were totally awesome, the people enjoyed it, and my stomach was about to burst open at any moment. One of the lecturer said that it is very good to have a feast like this, forget about work for a while, enjoy the meal, have some chat and good laugh.

I thought the feast would end by noon. But I was wrong. After the Fardhu Jumaat Prayer, people were coming again, to have some more. Yes, me too! The feast was finally over by 4.30pm. At 5.00 pm, before I went home, I asked Kak Emy, “kak, ada lagi potluck selepas ni?” She answered, “ada, Azam kena masak for the next one”. Gulp!!!


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